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Hey there! I’m Paula Guidugli, a Brazilian-born Graphic Designer with 5 years of professional Design experience, who has studied in some of the world’s epicenters of design and innovation—including Milan, Berlin, São Paulo, and San Francisco. I've graduated in Visual Communication at SFSU, and have been working in the events industry as a graphic designer.


As an event designer, I have been responsible for the development of overall branding of several events—from designing logos, signage, stage sets, and collateral—to participating in the development of clients’ digital presence with apps and websites, as well as directing the development of digital presentations and animations. My work also includes management of graphics strategy, as well as project timelines and budgets.


As a freelancer, I have designed websites, advertisements, logos and other company materials for a variety of Bay Area small businesses—from restaurants to tech startups.Cross-cultural communication informs my work. As a result, clarity of message is my central design aesthetic—and the desire to tell a story in a way that can be understood by anyone, regardless of language or culture, my driving professional motivation.


These experiences and influences have given me a broad understanding of, and intuitive impulse toward, cutting-edge global design trends.



+49 176 3635 8221
Neukölln – Berlin